It’s time for the World Cup. The pinnacle of international play for the beautiful game.

You might ask yourself why a self professed geek would be getting excited about watching sports like any other run of the mill athletic supporter.

To which I would say: It’s not just any sport, it’s a sport for outcasts.

It’s the “my Canadian girlfriend, you’ve never met her” of the sporting world, at least where America is concerned.

It’s not too many folk who have the time to devote to their nerd craft, and follow the minutia of a professional sport.

But this is what makes watching soccer (especially international matches) so accessible for the geek. The rosters generally have a few standouts who make the cut for the international teams, so it’s easier to follow your favorites. The World Cup only happens once every four years, so there is a lot of off time that you can devote to your other nerdy pursuits. And, since so few of the average American follows it, you’re not going to be constantly drawn into a discussion about the latest news, thereby having to feign understanding or uncomfortably profess ignorance.

The World Cup: Something you can become very involved in for one summer every four years, then pack it away for a while, confident it’ll still be fairly fresh when you go back to dust it off.